Personal Chef Services

I work closely with my clients to provide customized menu options which issue from a wide culinary repertoire. In my professional cooking career the skills of seasonal and daily menu creation and, especially, special dietary menu creation, have become well honed for adaption to personal chefing where customer customization is tantamount.

The reasons someone might hire a personal chef covers a range of possibilities:

  • two busy working adults raising a family
  • recovering health situations
  • specialized or restrictive diets
  • regular social hosting and entertaining
  • post-natal stress relief
  • frequent professional traveler   

These services can offer comfort, relief and healing for a variety of modern life circumstances.

I start out all my clients with a working interview to determine their dietary needs and taste preferences. This also allows us to get to know each other a little more.  From there I develop a menu from which to work. 

View sampling of favorite personal chef menu items.


The number of cooking sessions per week or month can vary based on one’s needs and budgets. I regularly cook for clients in their homes 1-3 times per week. In home cooking sessions vary from 4-6 hours based on the volume of food being prepared. When I am finished the kitchen is clean and orderly.  You’ll find food is stored well in glass containers and labeled with reheating instructions along with any notes on the menu’s highlights. I generally work Mondays through Fridays daytime hours. If other times are needed they can be negotiated.

Please contact for current availability and prices.