Why hire a personal chef?

Having food cooked for you from a professional personal chef is just another many models today for how people survive and savor through food. A personal chef can cater special events, provide regular home-style heathy meals, provide specialized health recovery meal options and even offer specialized cooking classes.

The reasons why someone hires a chef spans the gamut:

  • busy working professionals short on time
  • folks in health recovery mode
  • entertaining family and friends
  • caring for aging in home parent

The question is how much do you value your time? Your time at home, your time with your family, etc.? Dishes cooked by a personal chef in your home are customized to your tastes and fit your schedule.

Culinary Credo

Chef Nick Schneider believes and demonstrates that delicious and healthy food naturally correlate when we use fresh, well grown ingredients and culturally tested techniques. Nick’s cooking focuses on keenly balanced plate with due deference for vegetables, whole grains and proteins alike.